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It's twenty years since the Y2K 'bug' threatened all things technological.  Peter Daniels, on behalf of Ruthin Civic Association, looks back in time …….

As December 31st 1999 approached, the potential damage caused by a two- rather than four-digit computer system year field was thought to result in computers resetting 01-01-00 not as January 2000 but January 1900.

This had potentially serious consequences. In the autumn of 1999, press adverts began to appear to try to motivate a sceptical general public at the time by no means au fait with computers. In order to try to convince us, the UK government, via Action 2000, would spend £10m. Was all this a waste of effort? Or did it avert disaster?

In one campaign, they said, “In the last few years, a very powerful little creature has emerged that, according to media reports, is capable of causing planes to fall out of the sky while simultaneously creating havoc with our financial records and including the humble microwave”.

The UK government expected all public organisations to prepare. Preparations for this so-called “millennium bug” on what were then called “microchip-linked systems” had started in 1997. All councils took the bug seriously. So, for example, during 1999, County Hall staff here in Ruthin were testing over 1,300 desktop PCs in offices and schools; 300 computer systems; over 2,500 other pieces of equipment, including heating systems, alarms, traffic lights, lifts and CCTV; and contacting over 7,000 suppliers to ensure they would continue to provide services.

The then Head of Finance warned county councillors that there was no perfect solution. “You would have to close all your schools and services to achieve that”, said Nigel Thomas.

Credit: Ruthin and District Civic Association

Ffrith Indoor Bowls Club celebrates 30th anniversary

Thirty years ago this year, Ffrith Indoor Bowls Club was born providing eight rinks of international standard bowling for the sport in North Wales .

The Chairman of the Council, Councillor Meirick Lloyd Davies supported by other invited guests from the local community and the Welsh Indoor Bowls Association, launched the celebrations.  Over sixty club members including visiting teams from the North and Mid Wales Indoor Bowls Zones took part in an afternoon of bowling .

In launching the celebration County Councillor Meirick Lloyd Davies said:  "I congratulate the Ffrith Indoor Bowls Club in achieving this milestone in its mission to promote and participate at local and National level in the sport of indoor bowls.  The Council have over the past years invested in the North Wales Bowls Centre to ensure that is now ranking amongst one of the top venues for the sport in North Wales and the borderlands.  I am pleased that our working partnership with the Ffrith Indoor Bowl Club is one of truly working together to encourage bowlers of all abilities and ages to enjoy the sport.”

The Ffrith Indoor Bowls Club is located within the North Wales Bowls Centre at Ferguson Avenue Prestatyn .Opened in 1989 the centre provides 8 bowling rinks of international standard , enabling league and social bowling to take place throughout the year.  The club works closely with the Council and the Community to provide training and help for new bowlers . Encouraging people of all abilities to take part in sport ,the club works with a number of local organisations to provide help to people who have suffered life changing medical conditions where bowls can for many be the key to aiding their recovery Many of our league bowlers have represented the club at national and International level, and such is the popularity of the first class indoor venue provided at the centre, visiting bowling parties travel to bowl from a across the conurbations of Merseyside, Greater Manchester and the Potteries.  For more information on how you or your organisation or group can participate contact Roger Guest Chair Ffrith Indoor Bowls Club or find more information on the club’s website

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