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Single parent secures work in health and social care setting

‘H’ is a single parent of two young children. She was allocated to C4W+ for support with helping her move towards employment. She also was keen to complete some training to help bolster her CV and future job applications. H is a very polite young person who has been a pleasure to support. She has always remained in contact and has attended appointments on-time.

H expressed her desire of wanting to pursue a career in Health & Social care as she felt this is where her strengths and compassion are. Tom was able to support H in applying for the NHS Step Into Work (Mentoring Circles) program which consist of online group sessions delivered via MS Teams, and then follows work experience within a Health & Social Care setting locally. Tom arranged for H to loan a Chromebook laptop so she could attend the sessions, as without it she would not have been able to do so. Around the same time H was also signed up to an online training course titled “Moving & Handling People” to give her knowledge and understating of this so she can do it correctly when required in a job role.

H was very pro-active herself and completed over 20 online certificates in her spare time after her children had gone to bed, and she kindly provided copies of these certificates to Tom.

A few weeks later H was informed by Tom of the Princes Trust Get Into Social Care program which was also due to be delivered via MS Teams. H jumped at the chance of being offered a place on this program, and she attended it by using the Chromebook. H will soon undertake bank-work with the NHS as part of the Mentoring Circles program in a Health & Social Care setting, likely to be at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd or community setting.

H was supported with getting a new phone as her own phone was very outdated and apps would not load on the screen, and it would often not ring. So a new phone was purchased for her which meant she could return the Chromebook after two months and is now able to use the phone for many things which she couldn’t do before. She was unable to afford the cost of a new phone.

In early September H applied for employment (via her new phone) for work with The Range store in Rhyl. H attended an interview on Friday 2nd September and was offered a job there at 20 hours per week for 3 months, and then after 3 months it is hoped she may be able to go full time. This means she should be able to complete her bank-work experience with the NHS Mentoring Circles as well.

H has very kindly provided the following – ”The Communities for Work Plus project has helped me tremendously! I started with stress and pressure and unsure of what career I wanted to pursue.

It was simple right from reaching out that I had the support from one of the work coaches, Tom, who has been exceptional in making me feel comfortable to express my future career options without judgment. I was enrolled on to the NHS mentoring Circles Programme and my phone was very outdated and I didn't have the means to purchase a new one. The project helped without hesitance and I was able to get a brand new phone and continue with my NHS course, I have now gained over 30 certificates where I started with none.

To keep me busy and help me get to where I am now Communities for Work Plus helped me out so much, loaning a laptop so I could complete my online courses. I wouldn't have been able to afford nor have the confidence to be where I am now if it wasn't for the project.  I am now working part time within a role where I feel most confident whilst also gaining a Bank position at Glan Clwyd hospital with training still ongoing. And I would highly recommend to anybody who may feel like they are unsure of where to go next with having children or for any other reason get into contact.”

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