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The Cynnig Cymraeg: Celebrate your use of the Welsh language

The Cynnig Cymraeg (Welsh Offer) is a new scheme by the Welsh Language Commissioner. It recognises companies and charities working bilingually.

By working with the Commissioner's Hybu Team to create a Welsh Language Development Plan, your business may be eligible to apply for recognition for your Cynnig Cymraeg. The purpose of the Cynnig Cymraeg is to make it clear to the public what services you can offer in Welsh. It is an opportunity for you to show clients that you take pride in the Welsh language and are ready to use it. The Cynnig Cymraeg helps you to promote and increase the use of Welsh language services available.

How does it work?

  1. The first step is to contact the Hybu Team for a conversation and to complete a self-assessment about your current use of the Welsh language.
  2. We will then work with you to put together a Welsh Language Development Plan; set targets if your provision needs to be increased, and ensure that everyone in the company is aware of what you offer.
  3. Once your Plan is ready, we will work with you to identify your Cynnig Cymraeg: what are the headlines of your Welsh language services?
  4. Submit to the Commissioner for official approval
  5. Celebrate and promote your Cynnig Cymraeg

One company that has received the Cynnig Cymraeg is Hill & Roberts from Ruthin who said: “We feel that accepting the Cynnig Cymraeg recognises our hard work and commitment to the Welsh language and gives confidence to new clients looking for an accountant. The Welsh Language Commissioner has a reputation for high standards and therefore we feel privileged to have received the Cynnig Cymraeg and encourage any other businesses that are eligible to apply.”

Contact the Hybu Team for to discuss further:


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