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Blood donation in Denbighshire

The Welsh Blood Service have been in touch once again to thank you all for your continued support with their Denbighshire blood donation campaigns. Your support really does have a huge impact on many lives.

There are several sessions coming to Denbighshire during May, so please click on the link to find one near where you live >>>


Did you know that new vacancies go on our website every day? Why not take a look – there may be a job there that appeals to you.

We also post certain jobs on our social media as well.

To find out what kind of jobs are being advertised, and to apply for any of them, please visit our website

Get a COVID 19 Test

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 there are a number of mobile testing units on offer, as well as mass testing sites. Some sites also offer lateral flow self-testing kits collection (LFD).

For further details, book a test and to find out your nearest testing centre, please visit the BCUHB website >>>

Trends in social care and early years and childcare

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