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Five years have passed since the development of the new Rhyl High School building

Rhyl High School is celebrating five years since its new building opened.

The site has been occupied by the school since 1901 and it has developed significantly throughout its long history.

The new building replaced the former site which was demolished, offers a range of modern facilities such as hair salons and construction rooms as well as access to high-tech interactive boards, a recording studio, and laptops for children to use which has been vital, especially during the current pandemic. 


Claire Armistead, Head Teacher at Rhyl High School, said: “The new Rhyl High School building has done something really special. It showed the children and the community in Rhyl just what they deserved and provided a space full of opportunity and potential. It has completely changed the way we teach and the subjects we can deliver, ready for our children’s future.

“The old building was classrooms and corridors - a space to be taught not to learn or grow. This new building allows our children to be the most successful learners they can be. You can feel their energy and their ambition flow through the corridors

“I will never undervalue how important this new building is for Rhyl and I will do everything in my power to keep it as spectacular a learning organisation tomorrow as it is today “I am genuinely grateful for this amazing resource that’s been provided for the children of Rhyl.”

Geraint Davies, the Council’s Head of Education, said: “The new school building at Rhyl High School has been providing excellent facilities and learning opportunities for pupils for five years.

“This has helped young people reach their potential and given them the best educational experience. I would like to thank staff for all their hard work over the past five years, and wish all pupils all the best for the future.”

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